Kingpin is a popular, tactical board game, today available also for Android users. It takes place in a dark city. The players are involved in the fight between four crime groups: the Russian Mob, the Italian Mafia, the Colombian Cartel and the Yakuza. Shootings, murders and robberies happen very often. The city can be ruled only by one group. Users have to choose their mafia and do their best to support it. In each group there are various characters with different skills which are useful during direct confrontation with the enemy. The player’s task is to defeat the opponent mafia and take control of the city. Nice graphics, based on the aesthetic of a comic strip make the game even more interesting.

There are three different tactics which can lead you to success, but there is only one Kingpin!

Project details

  • Platform: Android | iPhone | iPad
  • Technology: iOS SDK | Android SDK | Unity3D SDK